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the story that i am about to write is about a scientist who is about to develop an atom bomb who is kidnapped by the German’s. so a team of paratroopers get dropped down near the lab where he is held captive. all of them die expect the captain who can speak fluitent German and posses as a guard at the lab. he gets found out but he managers to get a boat back to England and warn the officials. while he was a guard he learns the way around the place. then he gets a new bigger team and they try to storm the building. but they fail and the Germans go on to bomb England and USA with nuclear bombs and they win the war.  

city experience

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the city experience was the best days of my life in the summer of 69 

Day 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on the first our group went to the MCG or Melbourne cricket ground so we had to get off the train at Richmond station and go to the mcg for a tour of the ground. while we were there we saw a guy changing the light bulb. the tour wasn't bad but it could have been more interesting after the MCG tour we went to south-bank food court for lunch. i had a chicken kebab for lunch. then after that we went to the docklands. that activity was not that good so after it we went to Mcdonalds. then we caught the train home.

Day 2@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

on day 2 we went to the Ian potter gallery in federation square.  after we saw the art we went to lunch at the vegetarian restaurant Crossways. the food there wasn't all that bad there. after lunch we went up to parliament house and St. Patrick's Cathedral. after that we went to 7 11 for our daily slurpee. after that we caught the train home again.

Day 3############

today was our last day in the city. for the morning activties we went to the old Melbourne Gaol. after we went there we went to Mcdonalds and then we went to the rialto and went up to the top story and looked out. then we went to the ACMI and play computer games. after that we wnt to the birmundi marr and ansewed questions there. after that we went to Federation square and went on the free slide that was there.after that we went to Maccas and the cuaght the train in home     

question 4

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where do stereotypes come from?
stereotypes come from the media party. that what i think. because if the media hadn't shown that Muslims were reponsiblefor the twin tower plane crash then we wouldn't have thought that they could be reponsible. but although the media is reponsible we are also reponsible for thinking that way. we hear that Muslims crashing planes into buildings and we think that all Muslims are like that. we make that assumption that if one race does something bad then the whole race will be punished when they haven't done anything wrong

question 3

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when i confronted a stereotype it was not like what i expected. they didn't behave in a manner in which i thought that they would and so i thought that they acted normal and not all all like stereotype that i thought that they were.

question 1

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how do stereotypes impact the lives of the characters in Bend it like Beckham? it affects what the character do in the story and there life choices. for example jess's mum wanted her to become the wife of a wealthy Indian businessman and have lots of children and spend the rest of her life in the kitchen and looking after her kids. not to join a girls soccer team and spend the rest of her life in America playing soccer. Do they affect some of there choices they make? they affect what there life goals are for example if you are an indain women you know that you cant marry anyone who isn't Indian so if you like some really hot English dude you cant marry them because your parent Will forbid it.  

my challenge

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my challenge is when i had to face box hill in a soccer match. it was the last game of the season and box hill was  top of the ladder. box hill and us were the only team in the league that were undefeated. we were playing at there home ground. last time we played them drew against them. they were a very good team. with good players and they have a very big ground with a massive grandstand. the game started out with them controlling the play but they coundn't score. they kept sending wave after wave of attacks but we kept repelling them and they counldn't score. at half we were stuffed. after half time we came out and started to attack them with all that we had got. finally with 10 to go we scored a goal. they then fought back with all that they had got but still they came up short as we pushed all our people into defence. finally the final whistle went and we won. we ran up to the grandstand and started to sing our song.    


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stereotypes can have a hard life becasue of the way that society reject some of them. for example if you are a muslim people might think that you are a terrorist bomber but really you might just be honoring your heritage. if you are a muslim you may not be able to be a pilot for example or you might noy ever be in a that involved being in control of a large number of people. but they try to survive the bst they can


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